Point, Click, Care.

MyCareTrac is an intuitive and powerful online client care system that supports reproductive grief and loss helpers.

MyCareTrac.org allows you, the helper, to manage client interactions and progress. You also become a partner with those in a vetted network aligned to help those impacted by reproductive loss. Care well by utilizing a secure, simple, and seamless platform to manage, track and refer your clients on their healing journey.

We see you.

Reproductive grief and loss surround us. Women and men suffering from miscarriage, an abortion experience, infertility, and more often struggle to find their way. But you, the helper, are there to walk with these precious individuals as they seek help and healing. You see them. You listen to their story and link them to real comfort and care.

Perhaps your ministry reflects one-on-one care or offers a group faith-based book study three times a year. Maybe you provide online care for those who chose secular help, or you are part of an organization that offers care within their clinic, center, or church building.

We see you. We have heard your need for a better way to truly focus on the client and not the administrative work that is sometimes haphazard or unorganized that gets lost in the shuffle. MyCareTrac is your link to better care.

Some Benefits of MyCareTrac Include:

  • Client Care Management
  • Unlimited storage and client records
  • Task management
  • Customizable fields and processes
  • Flexible reporting
  • Inter-office communication
  • Military-Grade encryption

Why MyCareTrac?

As reproductive grief care helpers, we can all benefit from using technology to help us manage the care we provide. However, do you know of a tool designed specifically with you in mind to help manage your clients' interactions and progress in simple and impactful ways?

Without record-keeping methods, we often envision binders of information, bits of paper, lost phone numbers, and follow-ups forgotten. In addition, without the ability to quickly retrieve data and reports, helpers often lack the critical historical data from the many years of ministry, making it nearly impossible to quickly share updates with their churches, pregnancy centers, or partner organizations. 

Well, we have good news! We built this technology explicitly designed for you, the reproductive grief care helper! MyCareTrac (MCT) is our powerful and intuitive online client care system to help solve these serious gaps. With MCT, helpers can easily track their clients or group attendees, follow up with potential clients, and be able to refer others for further care confidently. We're so confident that MCT can help you that we'd love to give you a free demo. Schedule today and learn how even technology can benefit the loving care you provide!


MyCareTrac offers an online directory of qualified helpers, professionals, and support groups. Join the Provider Network and share your listing as a mental health provider, healthcare provider, pregnancy help organization, reproductive loss helper, or support group.

Providers can now quickly and easily identify trained and certified caregivers in their area. As a specialized provider, you can tailor your directory listing to offer a continuum of care for your clients. Keep your profile up-to-date with announcements, new programs groups, and more!

Create a listing, and we will review and publish it within 48 hours.

Provider Network

Support Network for Providers
  • No contracts. Cancel at any time
  • Provider Network listing
  • Military-grade encryption and security
  • Helpful support team
  • Mobile friendly

All Access

Unlimited Users
  • Provider Network features, PLUS…
  • Unlimited users!
  • Perfect for the stand-alone Helper who gets it all done!
  • Client Care Management
  • Seamless reminders and task assignments
  • Unlimited storage and records
  • Easy imports
  • Customizable fields
  • Automated referral process
  • Customizable processes
  • Flexible reporting
  • Inter-office communication